The Volunteers do “all the things”

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Kelly (3)This is me. My job is to work with volunteers at RMHC. Actually my title is Community Outreach Coordinator, but that is really long. So let’s talk about what I do. I work with other people from the community (see how I tied that in there?) who want to help the families that stay at the Ronald McDonald house.
Want to know what THEY do? I would love to tell you. April is the month of  Volunteer Appreciation. We appreciate (love) our volunteers because they do ALL these things….#volunteerRMHC 

  • They rake leaves
  • They make brownies
  • They take registration at our events
  • They fix ovens when they break
  • They bring toys at Christmas from our giving trees for families
  • They shovel and shovel snow….. And then shovel again. Oh, and then again. (it snows a lot here)
  • They do laundry
  • They clean windows
  • They make cards
  • They make dinner. And lunch. And then dinner again.
  • They haul out the recycling
  • They mow the lawn
  • They make posters
  • They clean the bathrooms
  • They invite us to talk to their classrooms and then save pop tabs all year as a school project
  • They grow vegetables
  • They golf in our Golf Tournament
  • They water the flowers. They plant the flowers.

The title of this blog post gives reference to a 6 year old girl we know who sometimes has to do “all the things”. I love that. Volunteers really do all the things. And this volunteer-coordinator-outreach-community person appreciates it all.

THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS. Of course we would love to have you anytime. Email to get started.