Volunteers connect at RMHC

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Min and GeneeIn my job working with our volunteers, I get to meet a lot of people. They come in, they tell me about their companies, or their stories of what connects them to the Ronald McDonald house. Some find us on the website, some find us through Facebook…..different paths to get to our door.

These two lovely people are Min and Genee. They didn’t intend to volunteer together this day, but they spent an entire afternoon raking, and talking. They laughed about not a lot of raking experience, because Genee is from Hawaii and Min also told her “We do not have many leaves to rake where I live”.

When I took this picture at the end of the day, they had become friends.

Min is an exchange student at NDSU for the Fall semester. He has since gone back to his home country. He reached out to us via the NDSU volunteer network and asked if he could come and visit. When he stopped by, he was dressed for what he thought was a job interview! We talked and he wanted to learn all about why we do what we do. We talked about what types of volunteering he had done in his country. He loved using the Swiffer! Every time he came to volunteer this Fall he had a new story for me about his weekend with the college students and international students he was meeting. He came to help us as often as he could during the Fall semester.

Genee reached out to us on our website. I asked her in her own words, to tell us why she volunteers at RMHC.

I have always been interested in the RMHC charity from the moment I started contributing at the donation box at the restaurant. I admire the efforts to help parents who may not have any other recourse concerning the practical expense of living as they care of their sick children. The duties I have been working on have varied from taking leaves, to turning a room around for new guests, and cleaning out and making room for new items to be stored. I love the variety! My impact, if any, is small, but sometimes in the midst of stressful situations, especially those concerning the dire health of our children, may help families avoid an emotional tipping point, at least, I hope my small effort can contribute to the avoidance of such. I absolutely love the staff at North RMHC, I pray for them and their families daily, and am so grateful for how they serve the families of our region. It’s definitely worth your time to contribute to the RMHC whole. It’s a wonderful experience, you should try it! Mahalo, Genee

Our volunteers are so important to helping our mission of Keeping Families Close. We are so grateful to everyone who spends time with us!

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at or email


Houston Engineering 2017

We are Houston Engineering and we are #forRMHC

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At the Ronald McDonald House in Fargo we are, at times, speechless in attempting to express our gratitude for the generous volunteers that have committed with us in keeping families close. Each and every day, there is an individual or group of volunteers that cross our threshold to help serve families who have critically-ill children. Truly, we could not do the work we do without our volunteers. What drives such considerate individuals? We asked them and we are wholly humbled by their answers bursting with care, compassion and determination. Today we’ll share about Houston Engineering and how they are #forRMHC.  Continue reading


I’m Kirsten Jensen & I am #forRMHC

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The Ronald McDonald House of Fargo has an exceptional group of people who make up our Board. At the office, we see how they care deeply for the mission of RMHC, put forth hard work to keep families close and joyfully support this community. We were curious as to what drives these passionate individuals to serve on our Board so we simply asked them. Their answers are pretty inspiring. Today we’ll share about Kirsten Jensen and how she is #forRMHC. Continue reading

Giving comes in many ways…….

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There are so many ways to give. We get asked a lot how people can help us. Here are some ways to support the families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House!

  • Visit the Giving Trees and take an ornament from your local McDonalds
  • Muffin Moms – Bake a cake, bars, cookies, muffins in our kitchen in the mornings (10 am to 11:00)
  • Parent’s Pantry – Help fill our pantry with foods like soup, spaghetti, peanut butter, granola bars, mac and cheese
  • Lunch Ladies – Provide easy lunch items for families to pack for a day at the hospital, fresh fruit and veggies, individual chip and snack bags, granola bars, pudding packs, yogurt
  • Fleece blankets – Have your group or organization make fleece tie blankets of all sizes to give to our families. They LOVE these.
  • Share A Meal. Our most needed volunteer opportunity is our meals for families.

Thank you to all our volunteers. If you would like to help out with any of these ideas, email to set up a time on our calendar.

We cannot thank you enough for helping us keep families close this holiday season!


October Stripes

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circle-stripesAre you excited for October? Over at the Ronald McDonald House we certainly are. October means pumpkin spice lattes, the leaves turning warm colors and that we get to use one of our favorite hashtags (#forRMHC) nearly every day! A number of events and fundraisers are happening in October to support the Ronald McDonald House of the Red River Valley. We are thrilled and grateful for the generous people, businesses and organizations that have chosen to help support our mission of keeping families close.

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A little story about Alexis.

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Alexis is a storyteller. She is also our new Development Coordinator at RMHCFargo. We asked her to tell us a little story about herself with a few prompted questions from us….

What is your title here at the Ronald McDonald House and what do you do each day? “Carried out daily, this role looks like tracking donor and donation information, assisting with RMHC Fargo social media efforts and composing thank you letters, newsletters and e-newsletters. Also, I research random things when asked. I am hoping to soon be skilled enough to add “Googling Guru” to my LinkedIn profile.”

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Our Summer Intern : Tony’s story

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Tony picture

Last year, we met a volunteer who came to RMHC to learn about us, our mission, and to do a little yard work for us.

He ended up trimming some tree branches, doing some raking, and eventually helping recycle pop tabs in a very heavy downpour. We thought he was great. This summer, he decided to apply for our intern position, and he became our temporary North house manager for the Summer. Meet Tony! (He’s the one on the right.)

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A big THANK YOU to Edward Jones!

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Edward Jones Mike Richards TuesdayTHANK YOU to the many area offices of Edward Jones who made evening meals and baked items and brought items for families to take for lunches all week long at both RMHCFargo houses!

Thank you to all the teams who participated in this great week!  We loved having all of you visit us!

If your company is interested in sponsoring a week of volunteering, please contact for more information!

Edward Jones N. House MondayEdward Jones N. House Wednesday Edward Jones S House Monday Wahpeton Edward Jones Tuesday S House