I’m Mary Ellen Rolfson & I am #forRMHC

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Board member wearing red and white striped socksThe Ronald McDonald House of Fargo has an outstanding group of people who make up our Board. At the office, we see how they care deeply for the mission of RMHC, put forth hard work to keep families close and joyfully support this community. We were curious as to what drives these passionate individuals to serve on our Board so we simply asked them. Their answers are pretty inspiring. Today we’ll share about Mary Ellen and how she is #forRMHC.    Continue reading

I’m Brad Kraft and #imbuildingRMHC!

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BradWe would like you to meet Brad Kraft, a member of our board at the Ronald McDonald House!

He is from the Geographical Center of North America………..also known as Rugby, ND. Brad joined the RMHC board this past January in 2016.

When we asked him about what he liked to do in his “free time” he told us he doesn’t have any!

He and his wife, Kim have three children, all boys, Lucas, Ryan and Easton and Brad mentioned that he likes to help coach all their sport’s activities whenever possible.

His favorite movie?   Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which makes us like him a lot.

What do you want people to know about the Ronald McDonald house?  Prior to joining the RMHC board, I was not fully aware of all the groups in the community and surrounding area that sponsor fundraising activities throughout the year.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet a few of the groups over the past year – and their passion for RMHC’s cause is infectious.

What are you most excited about in the new project of our new RMHC house?  The new house was designed from the ground up with extensive focus on making sure the surroundings are as comfortable as possible for the families.  The more efficient design will also allow our dedicated and caring staff to put an even greater focus on helping support families through their difficult time.

To learn more about our new RMHC house project

Thank you Brad for your time in answering our questions and for being on the board for RMHCFargo!


Meet two of our Resident Managers!

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Meet Nikki and Seka, two of our RMHC Resident Managers!

Resident Managers take care of our families on nights and weekends so that our families have staff 24 hours a day if they need them. They are an amazing part of the team at RMHC that helps #keepfamiliesclose!

We asked them a few questions so you can get to know them a little better!

Where is your hometown? Nikki is from Southern Minnesota, and Seka is from Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire (the Ivory Coast)

What is your favorite thing to do in the Summer?  Nikki“I love to go hiking” Seka “I love going camping and hiking in places I have never been before”

If you could live anywhere? Nikki said “Hawaii!”

Continue reading

A Note From Jill Christopher

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Jill-ChristopherWhat an exciting few months it has been here at RMHC! We are so excited to finally announce that we are building RMHC! Our Board of Directors and staff have been working hard to make our long-time dream of a new Ronald McDonald House a reality. This new house will allow us to address some areas of need with our two current locations and help even more families with critically-ill children for years to come. We are so grateful to the donors that have committed to keeping families close in the future. Continue reading

The Volunteers do “all the things”

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Kelly (3)This is me. My job is to work with volunteers at RMHC. Actually my title is Community Outreach Coordinator, but that is really long. So let’s talk about what I do. I work with other people from the community (see how I tied that in there?) who want to help the families that stay at the Ronald McDonald house.
Want to know what THEY do? I would love to tell you. April is the month of  Volunteer Appreciation. We appreciate (love) our volunteers because they do ALL these things….#volunteerRMHC  Continue reading