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A Case for Support

With the continued growth of the pediatric medical families in Fargo, the demand for the Ronald McDonald House has continued to grow. With this growth and the need to address concerns about our current facilities, we are building a new Ronald McDonald House in Fargo.

Our new Ronald McDonald House will be a 24-bedroom, 30,000 square foot facility strategically located near I-94 as a replacement of our two current houses. This expansion will provide much-needed space for our families as well as improve the experience families share as they find support and healing at the Ronald McDonald House.

To make this dream a reality, we need to raise $5 million to build this beautiful, new Ronald McDonald House.

Keeping Families Close When They Have a Critically-ill Child

Since 1982, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley has welcomed families while their critically-ill children receive much-needed care at a Fargo-Moorhead hospital. Currently, we can house up to 12 guest families per night and serve over 300 families each year. Families pay just $15 per night if they are able, however no family is turned away for inability to pay. With mounting medical bills and other expenses, many families are simply unable to contribute toward their stay.

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Our History

Impacting Families for Over 30 Years

The Ronald McDonald House was born out of need – a need for families to be close to their sick child without having to sleep on the floor, in their car or other less than suitable places. In 1977, the idea for a Ronald McDonald House in Fargo was born. Over the next 5 years, a group of concerned citizens worked to make their dream a reality and, in December 1982, that dream came true. The first Fargo Ronald McDonald House was opened at 1234 N Broadway and could house up to 6 families. By the early 2000s, that 6-bedroom house was full consistently and the search began for a second family space. With much thanks to Dakota Medical Foundation, a second Ronald McDonald House was opened at 1330 18th Ave S in Fargo in 2005.

Addressing Current Challenges

Making Sure Families Feel Comfortable, Safe, and Close

After 34 years, we have begun to once again outgrow our family space and need to address the following concerns:

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Studies show the impact of how RMHC helps.

The Ronald McDonald House program affords families opportunities to interact more meaningfully with their child’s care team. The organization supports family-centered care by:

BRIDGING access to top medical care for seriously-ill children who must travel long distances.

PROVIDING families with emotional and physical comfort and support.

ENHANCING the child’s and family’s hospital experience.

IMPROVING the family’ coping and cohesion, and the child’s recovery and outcomes.

RMHC Facts


Houses with 6 Rooms Each

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Families Served in 2016


nights in an average stay


families turned away due to lack of space in 2016

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percent of families were unable to contribute toward their stay in 2014