Super Saving 5th Graders in West Fargo!

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Mrs. Belland's class 4

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Mrs. Belland’s 5th grade class in West Fargo took on the Ronald McDonald House this year.

They wanted to do a service learning project that would also help other people. They did research as a class, and then split themselves into groups. One group designed posters, another group was in charge of writing and giving the morning announcements, and the third group kept on researching information and keeping the others up to date with what they learned to update posters and announcements!

Every Friday, the students would each go to to different classrooms to collect the pop tabs from that class, and then bring them back to count them. They would return the following Monday and tell each room their results. The announcements once a week would give the report of each grade’s amount and how much the whole school had collected. The winning grade would win a popcorn party!

The students collected 292, 705 pop tabs during the drive. The drive is now over, but students wanted to keep collecting for the remainder of the school year, and they hope to visit the Ronald McDonald House in the Spring!

We are so grateful to all of you and so impressed with your creative ways of encouraging others to help!  Our big thanks to Mrs. Belland, her 5th graders and all the L.E. Berger students who made this impressive gift!

For more information about saving pop tabs: