Talking with Volunteer Judy Greene

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Sig & Judy standing outside underneath a tree

Sig & Judy at a Volunteer Appreciation event

Judy Greene has been a weekly volunteer as a Heartwarmer here at the South Ronald McDonald House for the last 13 years. We asked her a few questions about her volunteer experience with RMHC.

What got you started volunteering here?

My friend Sig was going to volunteer here and I said, “I will too!” We started together, and I remember mostly how much sawdust there was! The house was in the final stages of remodeling in the Summer of 2005 and we were getting the kitchen ready for the families.

What are some of the things that you did at the house as a Heartwarmer all those years?

We sanitized and cleaned the houses, and the common spaces, made beds, helped out with tours, we did some intakes of families, answered phones, visited with families, baked things, really anything the staff needed. There are more staff people now, so that makes a difference.

What do you want people to know about the Ronald McDonald House?

There has always been a need for this. More now. It is a wonderful program for families who need it. Everyone always has nothing but good things to say about it.


We are so excited that Judy will be a part of helping to set up our new Ronald McDonald house and she will continue to be a part of our new story.  

Thank you Judy for your 13 years of volunteering!  #ImbuildingRMHC