Family Stories

Meet the families who have benefited from our mission.

Beaton Family

The Beaton Family
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We all want to be where our families are.
We all want to be with our mom; we want to be with our siblings. We want to curl up with our dad and read a book.

Polejewski Family

Polejewski family
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I'm grateful that we have a healthy boy named Joe and I'm grateful for the people who rallied around us when we were uncertain and scared.
That's the people at the Ronald McDonald House.

Jones Family

the Jones family
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They allow you to focus on your child while they focus on getting you the essentials that you need, a warm place to stay, and welcoming happy familiar faces.

Nelson Family

Lawson Nelson Family
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We are over-the-top blown away by the generosity that was poured out to us by the Ronald McDonald House.
Our needs were thoroughly tended to and then some.

Hulen Family

the Hulen family story
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Staying at the House helped tremendously
as it took a lot of stress off me not just financially but being able to have our family together.

the Davidson Family

Davidson Family

Melinda and Luke volunteered at RMHC during college. Little did they know the impact it would have on their lives until much later.
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the Rodriguez Family

Rodriguez Family

“We are truly grateful for your support and giving us a warm and friendly place to stay during a time of stress."
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the Greatwalker Family

Greatwalker Family

“We’re all hurting in one way or another, but we’re also all here for the same reason – comfort and healing.”
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the Dockter Family

Dockter Family

“Without RMHC we would not be able to stay here while our girls recover. This would have been heartbreaking..."
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the Larson Family

Larson Family

“They came raring bright and early, but not quite ready yet…both weighed 2.5 lbs.
It was the happiest and scariest day of our lives.”
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the Kezer Family

Kezer Family

William was in respiratory distress and admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
For his parents, the next few days were a blur.
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